Croeso i / Welcome to Anglesey Art 

Limited edition prints and original artwork by Welsh artist Andrew Southall.

"Art is not the recreation of the visible , it is creating visible" - Paul Klee

Inspired by artists such as Pablo Piccasso, Paul  Klee and Lionel Fenninger, Welsh artist Andrew Southall has had a lifetime fascination with abstract cubist artwork. Andrew's distinctive contemporary style adds a unique depth and transparency to traditional Welsh landscape scenes.

At the moment I am looking for a shop  to display a lot of new and established work. I will be sharing my time between talking to customers and working in the studio 

This coming year the number of exhibitions and shows I will be attending will be limited considerably to allow me to concentrate on new work in the studio and promote my on line sales. The best place to see a wide selection of my paintings is at my Anglesey studio which is open by appointment all year round.

I will be including an updated catalogue of original work which is  available and for sale on this site and on twitter and facebook in the next few months. E mail me if you are interested and cannot get over to Anglesey but would like more photos and details.

If you are visiting  Anglesey please call at the studio to see my latest work and some old favourited. Phone 01248 421353 to check opening times