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The Last Druids 

Available in a range of sizes cast in marble resin for house or garden ornamentation

History tells us that in early Britain at the time of the Roman occupation the news and early history was passed down generations by men known as Druids. They were feared by the invaders so were driven north until the last remained in Anglesey

These new sculptures capture their mysterious expressions and appear to be linked to the oak tree groves they worshiped in.
These unique objects will be priced very reasonably and make a fantastic gift or an unusual reminder of Wales.

Anglesey – The Druids Last Stand – The history books say

In early Celtic history the spiritual leaders of the Celts were the Druids. They were figures who held respect for their wisdom, teachings and leadership among the tribes in Wales and England and were responsible for passing down the mythology and history of Celtic society through generations.
When the Romans invaded the country the druids were singled out for removal as their rituals and actions suggested they may have supernatural powers, they were driven further west until the last remaining made a final stand against the Roman legions along the shores of the Menai Straits between Anglesey and the mainland of Wales.

In the summer of AD 60 the Roman Governor of Britain, Gaius Suetonius Paul commanded his forces to cross over to the island. The battles were bloody and it took some time for the Romans to cross and force the druids across the island, eventually any who remained vanished into the countryside leaving many  of their artefacts in lakes around Holyhead.

The Romans returned some 10 years later but found no evidence of the druids activity remaining, however to this day the influences of these wise and learned people are celebrated yearly at the main cultural event of Wales, The National Eisteddfod.

These unique sculptures capture the mystery of the druids with their cloaked figures they were often together talking or thinking alone, they are an image which reminds us of our links with nature and our early ancestors.

Large canvas Prints

Things have been developing in the print range of large canvases at very reasonable prices. The quality of reproduction is excellent and they provide substantial wall art in a price range affordable in the difficult economic timed when that original you promised yourself has had to wait.

For example a 48" x 12" box canvas of one of 5 designs is only £175 from the studio which is less than a quarter the price of the original

A 40" x 30" canvas is only £275 and really does make a statement on a large wall and will atttract comment and interest. A 12" by 36" canvas print sells for £100.

These are ideal in large rooms or office and commercial spaces where colour will enhance the working and living environment.

A Cardiff Bay collector recently purchased a print of the Terra Nova 48"/40", Millennium walkway A1 size and 4 other Cardiff designs which are hanging in his penthouse flat right in the bay . They look spectacular. So size is no problem.

Welsh Lambscapes ~ Acrylic Originals

What memories do you take home of Wales?

...the history? a different spoken language? dramatic landscapes? myths and legends? the weather? sheep?!

I have tried to combine these memories and added a bit of fun to some of my work. They are unique original paintings for a reasonable price of £49 each. They measure 8" x 8" and there are over 60 different designs.  A perfect gift to remember.